Fision Work Powered by Hotwire Communications Joins Costco SpeedBiz Event


Members of the Fision® Work team attended the Costco SpeedBiz event on Thursday, October 29, at Costco Wholesale in North Miami Beach, Florida.

The Executive Networking Group teamed up with Costco and the Aventura Marketing Council to offer an event where local corporate people can meet up, discuss their work and businesses, and network one-on-one for new contacts in a fun, friendly, and low-key environment.

Associates were excited to attend to meet new people and network. “The event went very well! This was the largest crowd, of around 70 guests. We did not even get to finish speaking to all of the members,” said George Mohama, Sr. Sales Executive, Fision Work. “While speaking to each guest for 30 seconds, I had to give a very specific and short description of who we are, what Fision Work offers and why they will benefit from our solutions."

Fision Work, AMC, and Executive Networking Group associates look forward to the next SpeedBiz event!